Healing Scripture Meditation & Declarations

Speaking what we believe is one of the ways we exercise and enforce our faith. Read these portions of scripture followed by the corresponding declaration. There is also a PDF version available either for download of viewing. There is also a video version which shows you how to read and declare, then gives you the opportunity to do likewise. Enjoy! read more

The Hyper-Grace Controversy

Amidst the many controversies in the Christian church today, there seems to be one that clearly stands out head and shoulders above the rest, and that is the one many refer to as ‘hyper-grace’ or ‘the gospel of grace’ or ‘the grace revolution’. I’ve heard some even say that there are now two camps in Christendom; the 'mixture camp' and the 'grace camp'. Both claiming to be correct in their interpretation of the scriptures and defending their stand, and sadly too often accusing the other of heresy, deception and misinterpretation. As a result believers are almost forced to make a choice and identify themselves with one or the other. read more