Healing Scripture Meditation & Declarations

Speaking what we believe is one of the ways we exercise and enforce our faith. Read these portions of scripture followed by the corresponding declaration. There is also a PDF version available either for download of viewing. There is also a video version which shows you how to read and declare, then gives you the opportunity to do likewise. Enjoy! read more

The Hyper-grace Controversy

Among the many controversies in Christendom today, one which stands out is what many refer to as “hyper-grace” (or ultra-grace). The alleged conclusion is that these doctrines teach an excessive form of God’s grace, thus apparently encouraging careless and sinful living since they supposedly make light of and disregard God’s old covenant law and commandments. read more

A Christian Response to the Marriage Equality Issue

God loves everyone, so much so that when Adam and Eve fell from his original plan, he did everything necessary to provide the way of redemption for them and their descendants (all mankind). Therefore, how one chooses to define marriage does not determine God’s love for them, yet I am persuaded that when someone truly understands just how God loves them, and the extremes He went to to redeem them from eternal damnation, will by no means see the need to try and redefine or alter God’s original marriage design.God, the creator of all things is the one who designed marriage to be between one man and one woman. No other form of marriage, whether dictated by a government, an organization, an institution or defined by culture, can ever override or alter God’s design.God created marriage as a beautiful gift to mankind and for the purpose of procreation, pleasure and existence. read more

Why Inclusionism & Universalism DON’T make sense

(Scripture underline and bold emphasis ours) =&0=& was included in His redemptive work.  All qualify for redemption and salvation in Jesus Christ. Does this mean that ultimately everyone is or will automatically be saved, born- again and on their way to heaven? =&1=&=&2=&y believing and expressing such belief from the heart, one receives this awesome redemption!  Salvation in Jesus Christ is an OBJECTIVE REALITY for all but only becomes an individual’s SUBJECTIVE REALITY when they respond to it! Universalism says everyone will ultimately end up saved in heaven (also known as ‘ultimate reconciliation’). Inclusionism says everyone =&4=& being saved (also known as ‘historical reconciliation’) and will therefore end up in heaven. Conclusively they both make the interpretational mistake of negating one’s =&5=& and =&6=& involved in receiving God’s wonderful and gracious salvation, which is why inclusionism and universalism DON’T make sense and fail to make Scriptural sense.  All Rights ® Reserved, New Creation Church

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