What to do between the promise its manifestation

Two out of the three days relating to the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus are named and celebrated in a bigger way, namely Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, but what about the second day? The unnamed day, the one that is representative of where we seem to spend most of our lives in?
For three days the disciples waited as they wondered whether Jesus would rise from the dead as He said He would. From the time He said “It is Finished!” and gave up His spirit to the time He rose from the dead, the hardest day out of the three for the disciples was probably the second, and here is why:
On the second day they must have experienced conflicting emotions. On the one hand they were mourning the loss of someone they had grown to love and appreciate, and place so much hope in. On the other hand, they waited in anticipation hoping that what He said would actually happen and they would see Him alive again, on the third day.
We, of course know what happened. Their mourning, hope and anticipation was satisfied and swallowed by the joy of His resurrection, and the second day, which to them I am sure seemed as the longest of the three, was now a mere and almost meaningless memory!
We often find ourselves facing the ‘second day’. It might be while we wait to see the manifestation of our physical divine healing, or a desperate and needed supernatural financial breakthrough, or perhaps relief from depression or oppression, or maybe the grief of no longer having someone dear to us near… Whatever it may be, this ‘second day’ waiting just seems so long and filled with mixed with emotions, doubts, hopes and anticipation! On the one hand negative feelings and thoughts might try to overwhelm and tell you: “Your God is dead! He has left you! Where is He when you need Him the most?!”, on the other hand the joy, anticipation and hope of your victory may reaffirm what you know and believe as you say: “He will never leave me or forsake me! He is working behind the scenes and it is only a matter of time before I see His glory manifest in my life!”. While the disciples could not see what was actually going on behind the scenes during those three days, God was defeating and removing the very things that kept us from His blessing and favor!
So take note:

  • When God may seem most absent, realize that He is actually most present taking care of all that pertains to you behind the scenes!
  • When God may seem most powerless, realize that His unmatched power is at work for you beyond what you may naturally see!
One thing is certain about ‘second day’ waiting: You can always count on God to come through!
Between the day of promise and the day of fulfillment, God is at work for you!
Resurrection day, always comes and nothing and no one can stop it!
That is the love and grace of our God!
Acts 10:40 (NKJV)
Him God raised up on the third day, and showed Him openly

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