Why Inclusionism & Universalism DON’T make sense

(Scripture underline and bold emphasis ours) =&0=& was included in His redemptive work.  All qualify for redemption and salvation in Jesus Christ. Does this mean that ultimately everyone is or will automatically be saved, born- again and on their way to heaven? =&1=&=&2=&y believing and expressing such belief from the heart, one receives this awesome redemption!  Salvation in Jesus Christ is an OBJECTIVE REALITY for all but only becomes an individual’s SUBJECTIVE REALITY when they respond to it! Universalism says everyone will ultimately end up saved in heaven (also known as ‘ultimate reconciliation’). Inclusionism says everyone =&4=& being saved (also known as ‘historical reconciliation’) and will therefore end up in heaven. Conclusively they both make the interpretational mistake of negating one’s =&5=& and =&6=& involved in receiving God’s wonderful and gracious salvation, which is why inclusionism and universalism DON’T make sense and fail to make Scriptural sense.  All Rights ® Reserved, New Creation Church

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