As a volunteer of New Creation Church, I do hereby acknowledge that I must comply with a number of State and Federal Laws which regulate the handling of confidential and personal information regarding both members and visitors of New Creation Church and its employees. These laws may include but not be limited to FACTA, HIPAA, The Economic Espionage Act, The Privacy Act, Gramm/Leach/Bliley, ID Theft Laws (where applicable), Trade Secrets Protections, and Implied Contract Breach. I understand that I must maintain the confidentiality of all documents and personal information of any type and that such information may only be used for the intended business purpose. Any other use of said information is strictly prohibited and is cause for immediate removal from my position as a volunteer. Additionally, should I misuse or breach, any personal information of said members and/or employees; I understand I will be held fully accountable both civilly and criminally, which may include, but not limited to, Federal and State fines, criminal terms, real or implied financial damages incurred by the member, employee, or this church. I further agree to follow the rules and regulations New Creation Church has in place as regards to the handling of confidential information so as to protect the privacy of all involved.