Online Fundraising Policy


It is not our custom or policy to private message or approach any individuals or organizations directly requesting for any type of personal information or ask for financial support for a specific cause or project, such as orphanages.

The online means we have made available for anyone who desires to support our ministry financially is through the “Give Online” option on our website and the “Donate” button on our Facebook Page (both web addresses listed below). These named options use secure and encrypted methods to accept and receive donations.

We do not endorse any other means of fund raising done on our behalf, nor do we ever ask any specific individual or organization to raise funds on our behalf. Such practices would be regarded as fraudulent and we advice you not to support any such causes or cases and report them to us immediately so that we may investigate, verify and take necessary action.

We also do not use the means described above to raise funds for other organizations or causes.

The official Website addresses (URLs) for New Creation Church are:


Thank you for taking the time to read and understand our online fund raising policy. Please feel free to share this information about us.

New Creation Church is a United States Section 501(c)(3) Nonprofit & Tax-exempt Organization and your donations to this ministry are tax deductible. Donation statements are mailed in January for the past year.

We greatly appreciate your contributions and thank you for partnering with us in making Jesus Christ and His complete work of redemption known. May the Lord in all His glory manifest His promises in your life all the more and may your faithfulness and generosity multiply His blessings and favor bountifully in your life.

 If you have further questions about our online fundraising policy, please feel free to contact us.

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