Photography & Videography Policy


In an effort to comply with all State and/or Federal Privacy Acts, notice is hereby given that the use of any and all photographic equipment, video equipment and/or audio equipment is hereby strictly prohibited without the prior exclusive permission of New Creation Church, and no photographic images, video recordings and/or audio recordings shall, at any time, be disseminated to any third parties, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site. New Creation Church hereby holds the exclusive right to the dissemination of any and all images and/or recordings, which dissemination, if any, shall first comply with the terms and conditions contained in the Photography & Videography Policy below.

The purpose of this policy is to define the use of photographs and other recorded media at New Creation Church.
New Creation Church is a vibrant, active congregation, committed to sharing the love and grace of God in an open but responsible way. Through various forms of media, New Creation Church may present images or other recordings of worship and congregational life to the rest of the world, primarily on our website, but also in brochures, directories, informational displays, special video projects, and so on. However, we are also very aware of the safety and sensitivities of those involved, and thereby provide the following statement of policy which will govern photography and videography at New Creation Church.

General group or crowd photographs/video:
New Creation Church reserves the right to take photographs or video recordings at worship services or any other church-related activities in which individuals are not prominently featured and no identifying information is presented, and to use any of these photos or recordings for fellowship or promotional purposes in media such as, but not limited to, brochures and flyers, the church website, and online photo/video galleries, without seeking or requiring the consent of each person represented.

  • In addition to any event or gathering taking place on church property, church-related activities also include gatherings at other locations such as parks, sporting events, mission sites, etc.
  • Any individual who objects to potentially being photographed as part of a New Creation Church activity should notify a Pastor, event coordinator, or an usher, or the photographer/videographer immediately upon arrival.
  • Any individual who sees himself/herself or a family member in a group photo/video online and would like it removed may follow the photo/video removal procedure given below.
  • Adult individual or small group photographs/video:
    When adult individuals or a small group of individuals are photographed or recorded on video, whether posed or candid, each person will be asked for either written or verbal consent before any use of the photographs/videos is made.
  • Verbal consent will be deemed sufficient to use an adult individual or small group photo/video that contains no identifying information. Written consent will be obtained for any photos/videos that contain any identifying information.

Photographing/Video recording minors:
When children under the age of 18 are photographed or recorded on video (except as a part of a general group or crowd photo/video as outlined above), the consent of at least one parent will be obtained before their photo/video will be used in any way. In addition, the following guidelines will be enforced:

  • Under no circumstances will any identifying information (first or last name, family members, email addresses, school names, etc.) of anyone under 18 years of age be included in or associated with any photographs or videos displayed, posted, or published in any way.
  • All registration forms for events, activities or programs, such as youth group, choir, VBS, etc., will contain a reference to this policy, a permission request to allow the participant to be photographed or recorded on video in accordance with the policy, and a clear method to allow the signing parent or guardian to “opt-out” of inclusion in any photographs or video recordings. Note that opting-out via an activity sign-up form will apply only to that activity, not as a “blanket” request (see “Opting-out”, below).
  • Any event-related photos/videos including minors must have already occurred. For example, a photo or video of a prior-year camping trip could be posted or published, while a photo/video of youth who are signed up for a future camping trip could not.
  • Opting-out: Parents/guardians who do not wish their child’s photo or video to be potentially posted online or otherwise displayed, regardless of the context, should send a written note or email to the church office, and New Creation Church will make every effort to exclude the indicated minor from any individual or small group photography/videography. Please note that children may still be included in general group or crowd photos without identifying information; however, you may always request that any photo be removed from display.

Requesting removal of a photograph or video:
Any individual who appears in a photo/video (or whose minor children appear in a photo/video) that has been posted online may request that it be removed for any reason, even if prior permission had been granted, by sending a written note or email to the church office. Please indicate the person or persons involved and the photo or video in question, and it will be promptly removed from the website or other display where it is found.

Change notice:
New Creation Church may change the content of this policy without notice, and it is recommended to review this and other church policies periodically. Current copies of this policy may be obtained at the church office or online at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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