Solicitation Policy


The Leadership and staff of New Creation Church are charged with the responsibility of protecting the church environment so that it remains a welcoming, spiritually inviting and emotionally comfortable place to come and worship for its members, friends and visitors.

This responsibility is for the purpose of safeguarding the environment from activities that can result in our members, friends or visitors from feeling pressure to submit to solicitations, whether it be for goods, services, funds or other private or public activities or events not directly affiliated and/or endorsed by New Creation Church.

The Leadership and staff of New Creation Church is obligated to protect the privacy of church members. Church records, directories, and similar material or information may not be used for personal, commercial or political purposes. Based on this premise, New Creation Church respectfully requests that there be no solicitation of any kind, as mentioned afore.

The use of any church venue or member directory for the purpose of solicitation for activities or organizations not connected with New Creation Church and/or without explicit prior consent or approval will be regarded as a violation and thus treated as one.

New Creation Church and its officers reserve the right to sanction any or all solicitation described herein.

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7/24/2010 Revision