Daily Peace of Mind in Jesus

July 5, 2020
There are two streams of thought that can run through our minds. The one we entertain most will also determine the quality of life and peace of mind we will…

Worry-less Living

June 28, 2020
Worry is destructive. Worry wastes life. God makes provision for us to live free of worry. This message zeros in on what worry is, why it has no real value…

Divine Healing Under Grace

June 7, 2020
New covenant believers are to live under grace, not law. Therefore, divine healing must also be received by grace alone. A practicality we explore in this message.

Grace Is Always Greater

May 31, 2020
Believers face unfavorable conditions. Many come unexpected. Some are as a the direct result of the believer's choices and decisions, but God's grace is always greater!