Enjoying the Unadulterated Gospel

April 19, 2020
Not everything labeled as gospel is gospel or gospel truth. Through this message, you will be challenged and empowered to determine if you are truly enjoying the unadulterated gospel God…

Living by the True Definition of Holiness

October 13, 2019
Right believing results in right living, very true when it comes to understanding the holiness a believer has in Jesus! Discover more about us online at: newcreationchurchsa.com facebook.com/newcreationchurchsa instagram.com/newcreationchurchsa twitter.com/newcreationchsa

The Gospel of Grace & Tithing

July 21, 2019
Legalism says tithing is an obligation that must be paid to avoid being cursed. Grace debunks these myths and reveals the truth in the light of the finished work of…