August 21, 2013

Understanding the Book of James – Part 3

Passage: Acts 15:1-29
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Bible Text: Acts 15:1-29 | Preacher: Marco Bravo* | Series: Understanding the Book of James

When discovering the finished work of the cross, Martin Luther struggled to reconcile the Book of James with the rest of the New Testament, especially the epistles written by Paul the Apostle. As a result he petitioned the church authority of his time to remove the book of James from the Scriptures and even went to the point of putting the book of James as an appendix in his version of the Scriptures. In this series, we take a careful look at what it was (and still is) that many christians struggle with in the book James and how we can easily make sense of every apparent contradiction by simply looking at them through the finished work of the cross.
Part 3: James did not preach a mixture of law and grace

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