January 13, 2013

Does “saved by grace” mean that we are “free to sin” and “do as we please”?

Passage: Romans 3:7-8
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Bible Text: Romans 3:7-8 | Preacher: Marco Bravo*

Those who preach and teach and testify to the Gospel, as God intended it to be, should and will ultimately face this question or accusation; Take a look at what Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones (1899-1981), a well known and respected Welsh Pastor said:
“There is no better test as to whether a man is really preaching the New Testament gospel of salvation than this, that some people might misunderstand it and misinterpret it to mean that it really amounts to this, that because you are saved by grace alone it does not matter at all what you do; you can go on sinning as much as you like because it will redound all the more to the glory of grace. That is a very good test of gospel preaching. If my preaching and presentation of the gospel of salvation does not expose it to that misunderstanding, then it is not the gospel.”

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