September 2, 2012

Knowing how God sees your sins in Christ sets you free from the fear of wrath and judgment

Passage: Hebrews 9:1-12
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Bible Text: Hebrews 9:1-12 | Preacher: Marco Bravo*

God instructed the children of Israel to build a portable tabernacle as they travelled through the wilderness toward the promised land. Found in the innermost room of this structure was the Ark of the Covenant, which is where God’s presence dwelt. God instructed Moses and Aaron to place three items in this Ark and then cover them with a very specific cover which also served a very specific purpose. All of this was to serve as a type and shadow of the Tabernacle in heaven. As we study this Ark, its contents and cover, we discover liberating truths about how God sees our sins in Christ today!

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