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Recent Sermons:

In Jesus, the believer is co-crucified, co-buried, co-risen, co-ascended, co-seated, a co-heir and ultimately be co-glorified. A powerful inheritance resulting in great confidence!
When one understands the origin, value and power of the blood of Jesus, a whole new dimension of confidence is opened to our faith and trust in God!
God only gives one valid reason in the Bible why some get sick and even die early, and how it can and should be avoided.
While we look forward to heaven as our destination, Pastor Pieter Van Dyk shows us that God originally created humanity for earth, not heaven. Thus God's plan remains for us…
Legalism says tithing is an obligation that must be paid to avoid being cursed. Grace debunks these myths and reveals the truth in the light of the finished work of…
Discover how to engage in the righteousness you have in Jesus and enjoy all God intended for you to experience through this wonderful gift!
Traditional interpretation says that Romans 8 talks about the kind of christian a believer can be. Either carnal or spiritual. Committed or uncommitted. The truth however is that it talks…
When we mess-up or do wrong, God does not punish us but lovingly corrects and trains us. All because He sent Jesus to take care of the sin issue between…
In this series, we strive to regain heaven's perspective of local church and discover God's heart for the believer in the local church. In part five we conclude the series…
Before the cross people could not and did not know God as Father, beyond the cross it is the privilege of the believer. Discover what it means and looks like.
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