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Right believing results in right living, very true when it comes to understanding the holiness a believer has in Jesus! Discover more about us online at:
Daily devotion to God and Scripture are truly transformational and vital for the believer. Discover the true value of familiarity with Scripture. Discover more about us online at:…

Living by the Strength of God

September 29, 2019
Despite and in spite of all King David faced and did, one thing is certain: He knew how to draw and live by the strength of God, and you can…
Just as the walls of Jericho came down, so will the walls you face come down. God always leads us into victory in Jesus! Link to video used at the…
In part three, we learn about the primary or higher purpose for the anointing and how to determine if you're enjoying it as God intended.
In part two, we learn about the characteristics of the anointing. In other words, what it "looks like" in our natural realm.
In part one, we learn about the ancient biblical roots of the anointing and how it is ushered by the application of the blood of Jesus.
Jesus shed his blood for the complete forgiveness of our sins. The seven instances where he shed his blood, unveil the depth of this wonderful forgiveness!
In Jesus, the believer is co-crucified, co-buried, co-risen, co-ascended, co-seated, a co-heir and ultimately be co-glorified. A powerful inheritance resulting in great confidence!
When one understands the origin, value and power of the blood of Jesus, a whole new dimension of confidence is opened to our faith and trust in God!
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