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Recent Sermons:

Believers face unfavorable conditions. Many come unexpected. Some are as a the direct result of the believer's choices and decisions, but God's grace is always greater!
When a believer does not adequately understand the new identity and new nature they have in Jesus, self and sin become a struggle which they try to manage and alter…
Be encouraged by what John meant in 3 John 1:2 when he said "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your…
Under the old covenant, if someone wanted to experience the face of God (his blessing, favor, acceptance), they had to seek His face. Under the new covenant, because of Jesus…
Because the Bible is regarded as one comprehensive book, many see it as God's instruction manual for humanity and therefore assume that a believer's faith must consist of a balance…
Discover what makes one a believer and why. A dynamic, encouraging and challenging message!
Not everything labeled as gospel is gospel or gospel truth. Through this message, you will be challenged and empowered to determine if you are truly enjoying the unadulterated gospel God…
Jesus not only died for you but also as you. His death, burial and resurrection were also your death, burial and resurrection, each with a distinct purpose and meaning.
The believer is a citizen of God's Kingdom and the Lord Jesus is its king, therefore, no matter what we face here on earth, our King takes care of us!
For the believer, hearing God’s voice is a certainty, not a probability! Part 3: You can always hear God's voice.
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