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Recent Sermons:

Fearlessly Trusting God

February 23, 2020
An encouragement to fearlessly trust God and His ability, regardless of circumstance or condition!
Part 4: The cause of legalistic faith (b)
Part 3: The cause of legalistic faith (a)
Part 2: Faith is a gift from God, not something we produce Link: HELPS Word-studies (Lexicon) for pistis
Part 1: Misconceptions About Faith
When misinformation, disinformation and fake news seem prevalent, the believer's true reflection is found in God's word.
The world we live in is shaped by the dreams of others. God, by his grace, has also placed a dream deep within you, a dream that only you can…
The dread of dying before the time and from some horrific cause is sadly a struggle that most people are faced with daily, and that because of guilt, shame and…
Jesus taught us to pray proactively, that is, praying before the trial to avoid the trial. - Part 3: The best grace-based form of prayer.

God is with you and for you

December 22, 2019
God is omnipresent, meaning that His presence is everywhere, but when the angel declared Jesus as Immanuel, meaning 'God with us', he was referring to His manifest presence. A new…